Mr Gerard Said Pullicino


Mr Gerard Said Pullicino’s career with MCAST started as a study room supervisor/technician while he was reading for his Bsc in Computing and Information Systems at the University of London.  He had also recently completed a B.Psy degree.  After completing his first degree he was offered a lecturing post at MCAST ICT, where he continued to teach programming, initially using Java, and eventually using a wide variety of programming languages including Javascript and PHP.  In conjunction with this, Gerard Said Pullicino also garnered a lot of experience troubleshooting and configuring servers in conjunction with providing elearning services for MCAST, first through the implementation of Canvas, and following through the implementation of Moodle throughout the institution.  Given this experience, he was interested in studying ELearning in further depth, and he embarked and completed a Master’s in ELearning with the University of Hertfordshire with distinction.  Mr. Said Pullicino has continued to further his studies, recently completing the Pg. Cert in Research Methods offered by MCAST.  His expertise is mostly technical, however with his experience with teaching, he has focussed on applying his technical expertise to simplifying teaching and learning in the vocational context.

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Learning Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
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