Mr Thomas Gatt


Thomas Gatt possesses a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Software Development for which he was awarded the best student of the year in 2013. Throughout his studies, he has gained an excellent command of Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and Java. In 2017, he enrolled in a Masters of Science Degree in Artificial Intelligence and graduated in 2019.

Thomas is currently a Senior Lecturer and a researcher at the MCAST Institute of Information Communication & Technology.

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Selected Publications

  • T. Gatt, D. Seychell and A. Dingli, “Detecting human abnormal behaviour through a video generated model,” 2019 11th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2019, pp. 264-270. doi: 10.1109/ISPA.2019.8868795 

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